Elderly De-Cluttering

We specialize in working alongside frustrated family members like yourself to de-clutter, remove garbage clean and organize the elderly home.

We are empathic to callers (family member or client) who call to book the job as it might be uncomfortable at first, specially if the home requires heavy duty cleaning.

Our team will listen without casting judgment and be willing to spend time explaining the process to you on the phone or in person.

A team of two or more will arrive as the elderly sometimes resent having people in their home for long periods of time.

We are a company who is willing to work with your budget as sometimes you are alone in paying for service out of pocket without assistance from other family members.

Our services include:

  • Removal or sorting of all clutter.
  • Bagging and disposing of garbage.
  • Cleaning all rooms and exterior surfaces.
  • Organizing clothes, books and other items.
  • A project manager will be available for larger assignments.
*Please call our office direct for a free no obligation estimate.